Custom Foot Orthotics

Orthotics are technical medical devices, prescribed by podiatrists, that help to treat a specific lower limb problem – and improve the lives of our patients by helping them return to doing the things they love without pain or discomfort.

They can help you:

  • Relieve your pain
  • Recover from Injury
  • Prevent future Injuries
  • Optimize your performance during sports, work and everyday life

Orthotics can achieve a large variety of functions because of their specific prescription characteristics. Simply put, your prescription is created by combining the results of your comprehensive biomechanical assessment, gait analysis and 3D foot scan with the expertise of your podiatrist. This means that your orthotics are made precisely for your feet and your problem.

This means that orthotics can help with:

  • Facilitating the healing of damaged muscles and tissues – e.g. plantar fasciitis
  • Relieving pressure from painful areas of the feet – e.g. corns, calluses, ulcers
  • Improving your walking and running techniques
  • Stabilizing and supporting the feet and body
  • Correcting foot and leg abnormalities – e.g. limb length difference
  • Reducing pain from systemic conditions – e.g. arthritis